324 blog posts that’s how big the WordPress blog on my website is it’s massive I’ve been working on it since 2013 and I have tons and tons and tons of content all of the blog posts are 300 words or more and if you do the math it’s almost 100 000 words I’ve written on my website massive content like books worth and this helps me rank as number one in the city so if you put in web design billings you’ll see that my website’s number one and it’s due to the fact that it has massive content so how do you as a business owner who’s very busy come up with blog post ideas what I like to do is think about how I’m solving problems for customers what what questions are they asking and how do I solve that for them that makes a great blog post if you just have a little notepad blog post ideas and as the customers come through your cycle throughout the week on Tuesday you know sally asked this question on Thursday Jim asked this question and I helped solve it those are great blog posts write them down and then when you have some time maybe on Friday afternoon or Saturday morning what you need to do is pull open the mail app on your phone write yourself an email open the dictation which is the little part in the bottom you click on it where you can talk into it and just talk and say hey this is how I’m going to write my blog post I want to solve x because of this and then it’s going to help because of y and yada yada now email yourself that clean it up put it into your website post boom you’re done so you’re not sitting there and typing it all out you’re actually dictating the majority of it and only cleaning it up afterwards that’s how I’ve gotten so much content created Jophiel with skype studios I really hope this helped you out share what blog post you’re writing and I would love to share it and like it and comment on it as well so thank you so much for watching