hey guys it’s Jophiel with SkyPoint quick studios coming today to you with a little story I want to share about how I was able to take a customer from number four in Google search all the way to number one last week I’ve had two gentlemen call me up and say hey we’re not doing so good and search lately can you help us out and I looked it up looked up his keywords and it turns out that he was down at number four in the search results for Dog Boarding was his industry and I said yes we can actually solve this I’ve looked at in his website and the website that was built by his current developer was all made out of images so there was no text for the spiders to grab onto now what this required me to do it was have to go through at hand type up every single page of the website it was a lot of work but I went ahead and did all that moved it from a flat website over to a WordPress website and now it has all the content index in it and we also rolled out seventy-five backlinks on local business websites with the keywords Dog Boarding for his city and guess what today five days later he is number one in Google search now this is an amazing movement now this is not always typical he’s been in business for over 12 years he’s been around for a long time he has a lot of great reviews on Google he has a lot of other things he’s doing but it shows you what is possible when you are able to tweak the little details like the fact that you don’t have content in your website all right that’s all I have today if you’re looking to do something similar for your website get ahold of me Jophiel with SkyPoint Studios we’re available online on skype and decom you can call me at seven zero two eight two zero three seven five five thanks for sticking around guys