how do you get visitors to join your networking group I was recently asked to do the educational minute in my BNI group and this is what i presented on was we all want to grow our networking groups and you want to be the hero with the person who can invite the most visitors to come join your networking group that’s how we get more exposure for all of our businesses and ultimately that’s how we join or build our networking group by getting more members which is the ultimate goal so the way I do it is I create a templated text that basically it says hi this person I’ll put the name there’ll be like a blank for the name i’d like to invite you to my BNI group we meet at such and such date every single week and it’s a great way for you to build your business and I’ll put I’ll change the type of business it might be my best way to build your plumbing business or best way to build your electrician business uh and I have that saved in a word document so as soon as I can see somebody posting about their business on Facebook that I want to invite to my group i go open up my word doc copy and paste change out the name change out the business and paste it takes me two seconds to do it and that’s how I can get the most return because it’s all about how many shots on goal that you have that’s the thing like with cold calling or with anything it’s it’s all a numbers game so the more people I invite the more chances i’ll finally get at least one person to come visit and the chance that I maybe get that person become a member so it’s all in a numbers game keep that document ready and saved in a folder that’s like your networking groups folder and have it there I also have a little follow-up text that explains in more detail that BNI is the largest networking organization in the world uh we meet at this particular time and I would love for you to come it’s a great way for you to network with other local businesses uh so it goes a little bit more into depth because ultimately most people will ask me to clarify like what is this thing that you’re trying to invite me to so you kind of want to have like your invent height which is nice and short and sweet get their attention and then have like a nicer longer paragraph that explains it more detail when they ask for that detail so i hope this has been helpful for you uh go out there and rock it get your networking group full of visitors and full of new members joel phil with skype studios thank you so much for watching