how do we keep a cPanel hosting server from getting infected well in my opinion I’ve ran lots of different types of products I’ve tried lots of products the very best product uh the one that I like to use is called a munify 360. it’s the full complete solution from unifi av and it’s a product that you install you pay a monthly fee it’s 25 bucks per month and it allows you to scan and check for malware it has active protection like a firewall however the tool must be used so if you’re familiar with using running cPanel’s you’re going to have whm which is called web hosting management that’s the top level of a cPanel so you have cPanel’s you have whm which is a level higher whm is able to create new cPanel’s it’s able to create user accounts it has all the master power of the server so cPanel’s is just an a window into a particular slot on the server whereas whm is all the slots that you can control so you need to go to your whm if you don’t have access to that you need to talk to your server provider whoever that is and ask them for whm access you go into whm that’s where the immunify 360 will be installed and that’s where you need to run your scans daily or weekly whatever you can afford to do time wise but for me I run them daily so I’m running a malware scan every single day that means logging into whm firing it up there’s two different types of scans there’s this file scan so that’s the main scan that’s the one I do most most often most common but maybe once a week or twice a week I’ll run also a user scan which goes through all the user files to check to see whether there’s any type of malware or any type of infections there as well so these need to be ran regularly the firewall is not just enough you want to run your scans as often as possible so hopefully that’s helpful check out amunify360 if you’re running a cPanel and make sure you have access to the whm so you can run the scans this is Jophiel with SkyPoint Studios thank you so much for watching