hey there this is Jophiel with SkyPoint studios and today I want to talk about why you should be avoiding using backup plugins on wordpress to backup your site so there is several different website plugins that will quote unquote back up your website but it’s a really bad idea to rely on these uh one because they’re very unreliable and there’s a good chance that when your website crashes and you need a backup available that will not have one that actually works properly and two they slow down the website really really bad they they’re one of the worst things to have on your website as far as speed because they take up a lot of data and they’re constantly running in the background all the time and number three they’re a security risk they open the back door they have a portal the way that the backups work is that it gives you it gets access to all the files right it has to have all the files in order to back them up and you don’t know who these developers are you don’t know who has access to it at whatever time so you’re opening you’re basically leaving your back door of your house open is basically the way you can think about it with these and who’s going to come in you don’t know it’s like having someone come watch it you’re just hiring some random person to come watch your house that’s basically what these backup plugins are you don’t know who who has access to your website so instead of doing using those what I recommend doing is paying a little bit more to your host company to do the backup so it may cost you a little bit extra money not much or you can go with a company like mine all of our hosting plans come with free backups included we come with security SSLS free backups malware scanners uh updates software updates uh guaranteed uptime all that’s included in our hosting plans but if you don’t want to go with company like mine you certainly can go through GoDaddy or HostGator or any company that hosts websites and you ask them for backups for your WordPress website don’t rely on plugins they will not save you when you need the the help so Jophiel with SkyPoint Studios hope you enjoyed this video and share your feedback in the comments below