free website design doesn’t that sound nice well here are some of the pitfalls that can happen if you decide to go with a company who’s offering free website design when it comes to websites they’re what’s considered a captive audience meaning that once you have a website built in a certain location you are it’s required to have certain other products are going to go with it there may be hosting there will be updates or maybe change is required so when a company is offering free website design it’s really important to look into what is their cost for anything else so definitely go check out what the charges are and see if they have normal costs because a lot of times companies that are offering free website design is a way to get you stuck with them so that they can charge you exorbitant rates way higher than market rates their market rates might be two three four five times as much as what the typical web developer is charging so once you move over there and it’s free that’s fine and dandy to have a basic website it doesn’t really do what you really need any of the little things that you’re going to need to actually make it work properly they’re going to charge you exorbitant rates that’s where the money comes from so once you’re stuck there so really really be careful i don’t think that free model is really the best way because as i say you get what you pay for and nothing’s really free so i think just pay somebody a normal rage look for somebody who does a good job and charges reasonable rates and definitely uh be aware that free doesn’t necessarily mean free there’s lots of hidden things that will happen so this is joking with skype studios if you need help evaluating a company to see whether going with them with their free rates a really good idea or not and what the hidden fees and what may happen to you if you do that decision you can get a hold of me i can consult you i definitely would love to show you what would be the best decision for your company moving forward so thank you so much for watching