hey there this is Jophiel with SkyPoint Studios and today I want to talk about how important a blog is on your website a lot of people think blogs are just old school like who would want to read that but a blog is actually super important to your website because it allows you to add topical relevant and timely content so a blog has an actual date stamp that’s the difference than a page page is permanent it’s there forever a blog is a temporary timeline of what’s occurring in your business so everybody’s business has things that are timely they’re chronological they’re happening in a certain order and we want to document this the more that we document what’s going on and add it to our blog if you can do one blog post a month minimum maybe two per month that’s going to put you way ahead so make sure you’re this year you dedicate the time to write a blog post and a little tip I’ll give you is rather than sitting there and typing it out on your computer pull open your phone open up your mail app and send yourself an email click the little icon on there that’s the microphone and just dictate the blog post to say I want to talk about such and such this is how i helped a customer out this is the ways that you should be doing it if you would like more tips like this get a hold of me contact me here boom send it to yourself now you can copy that from your email and put it into your blog post your website edit a little bit make sure that it’s nice and clean and then boom you’ve got a blog post if you would like help getting a blog set up on your website or making them look pretty which I do if you need any type of help like that with web design definitely contact me I’m at 406-208-8733 let’s get your website ranking this year so if you also if you put in web design billings you’ll see that I’m the number one company in billings and I did that because I have a giant blog I have 320 plus blog posts on my website so i want to see you succeed this year this is Jophiel with SkyPoint Studios and we will see you soon