have you joined all the business related Facebook groups in your local city if not I think you should get in there and join a couple of these business groups or as many as you can find and the reason is is that a lot of the times is going to be just advertisements people pushing their business but every once in a while someone will be asking for the service that you provide and you can give a chance to kind of shout out your business drop on your website link your phone number uh and then also addition to that which is kind of cool is you have people that you work with maybe they’re in your networking group or you’ve done business with them or they’re customers of yours and you can give a chance to shout out their business like someone’s looking for a particular service they’re looking for a printer they’re looking for a landscape company they’re looking for a a place to store their horses you know these are some of the different businesses that I represent their websites and I’ve been able to give shout outs online to people who are looking for them so I highly encourage that join the local Facebook groups in billings there’s billions customer Facebook groups uh in other cities there’s always these business groups and yes there’s a lot of stuff that comes through that you may not be interested in but every once in a while there will be someone requesting your particular services or the services of a business that you would like to recommend a friend colleague someone you’ve done business with like I said and it’s a chance to shout out their business and give them a little extra kudos and everybody appreciates that so I highly encourage joining the local Facebook groups that are dedicated to businesses so this is Jophiel with SkyPoint Studios I hope that tip is helpful and keep watching and comment down below if you liked it thank you