hey there this is Jophiel with SkyPoint Studios and today I want to talk about how can we make our login to WordPress look more attractive and be branded properly to me there’s it’s kind of annoying when you go to log into a common WordPress website you might put forward slash wp dash admin or forward slash login and you go to just a landing page that has the WordPress logo and it looks very plain and very generic and the same as every other website so how do we brand that so it looks like our brand because we definitely want to brand every single element of our website well I really like a plug-in it’s called white label cms you can go and you can add it it’s in the plug-in library so if you just go add new put in white label cms and download that plugin it’ll allow you to customize the login page with the background and put your logo in and some other cool customizations so that WordPress is gone completely you can’t see WordPress anywhere and it has just your logo and just your branding on it now I do this to all the websites that I design for for my clients because it’s important these are the little details so sure are their customers aren’t going to actually see this but they do every single time my customer logs into one of their websites guess what they see their brand their logo they see their background they don’t have to work at WordPress and so this is an important part of the details make sure that your web developer is putting in all the effort to have all the little details just dialed so that all your brand is perfect from the front end to the back end to the favicon to every single outlast element of it and if they’re not doing that contact me I would love to help you with your website Jophiel with SkyPoint studios thanks so much for watching