calls to action what are calls to action and why are they so important in modern web design a call to action is basically a part of a website that encourages the visitor to do something take some type of action so typically what i like to do is build slide shows sliders that offer the top number one thing service or event or thing that we want them to see the number two and the number three the top three things most people don’t stick beyond the top three so i’ll have that slide through so the top one we want them to do this service and you should check out request a quote now or the number two we need them to go to this event you should buy tickets here and number three i would love for you to fill out the contact form if you have any more questions it’s located here so calls to action on your website if you’re if you don’t have a lot of good calls to action it’s really really important to make sure your website does have calls to action throughout it make sure there’s a really prominent folk phone number make sure that there’s a really prominent contact form make sure that these are all super accessible and when the customer gets to your website they know exactly where to navigate to take the next step you’re encouraging them to fill out a form call buy tickets come to your events all the different things that you could possibly want a customer to do just like if they were in person if you’re coming to their store it’s the best stores always ask how can i help you what are you looking for today that’s what you want to think about when someone comes to your website is what are you looking for today how can i help you how can i turn this visitor into a customer so i hope that helps you out if you need a little help with your website and your calls to action get a hold of me joe failed with sky point studios thank you so much for watching this video