what are the most important things that you should be doing to make sure that your google local page appears high in the map pack so when people are searching for your business when they’re near your business and they’re searching for it it comes up in the top pack and they’re able to call you and find your business online in the map pack specifically so google local is a free product that google offers it’s map listings where people can find the directions to your business you do need to have a good address meaning it can’t be a po box it needs to be a good business address for you to rank properly uh home addresses will kind of work it’s definitely more preferable if you have a good business address so that’s the recommendation there but what you can do once you have it set up and it’s verified and you control the page is you can add it has like a blogging system where you can add updates and notifications and things that are happening around your business make sure you’re adding those at least once per quarter or once a month or every single week if you can manage that would be amazing there’s ability to add photos so as you complete a project or you did something for a customer you can take a picture of it and you can upload it to show other customers exactly the type of work that you do you can also take a picture of your office the inside and the outside and you can upload that as well that helps people find your office when they’re looking for it so these are things that are going to help you and of course reviews are huge so we definitely want to try and get as many five-star reviews as possible they came out with a new system where they have a link that you can send to customers so go in there find the link you can email it to customers and that will take them right to where they can leave your review online so every single customer that’s happy with your services or your product you should be sending them a request to leave a review because that’s huge for you so do these things and you will be crushing it online thank you so much for watching this video