common business names are not enforceable but they can be a good idea for businesses so if you have a business called laurel dentist for example you can’t stop any other business from putting laurel dentists in their website somewhere if they serve that area it’s not enforceable it’s not trademarkable so if your business name is too generic you won’t be able to enforce it as a brand and stop other brands from using that name in their marketing now this could be considered somewhat of a problem however when you do do that type of naming you’re able to pull in a lot of SEO so if you have the name laurel dentist for example that could pull a lot of SEO for your business search engine optimization meaning that you could probably be on top listing just by having the business name laurel dentist and then when people are searching for laurel dentists it will start to pull up however if another dentist that’s in the area wants to put laurel dentists as a page or somewhere listed on their name as long as it’s not their actual business name that you’ve trademarked or registered they you can’t stop them from doing that because it’s too generic so if you have a unique name you like your last name or you come up with a name that’s unique like my company’s name SkyPoint studios nobody else could use SkyPoint web design or skype studios in their marketing because that’s my business trademarkable name however you know if I have just web design billings as my business you know i can’t stop other companies from putting web design billings on their website so it’s just something to think about it is valuable to have a business that has the keywords in it however if it’s too generic it can’t be trademarked so this is Jophiel with SkyPoint Studios hope this has been helpful definitely like and share comment below if you’ve enjoyed this video and thank you so much for watching