answer every single phone call that your business gets i’m sure your phone like my phone shows spam likely on some phone calls that are coming from all over the place all over the of the country and it can be tempting to just silence those or send them right to voicemail but my advice is if you can answer every single phone call and the reason is is that sometimes those spam likely phone calls are actual really customers that got flagged accidentally for some reason it’s pretty rare but it does happen uh and the other thing is it’s just it’s good to be in the flow of answering every single phone call because if you do this if you focus take a week where you kind of like let the phone go and then take a week where you nail every single phone call and notice that the amount of business that comes in is dramatically higher so do that this coming week make sure that you answer every single phone that comes in and if it’s if it’s a spam caller if they’re trying to sell you something just hang up don’t engage them don’t get angry at them don’t uh instigate them don’t don’t do these things because the the reason not to instigate them and to tell them to you know the f off basically is because you don’t know who these people are what they’re willing to do to to retaliate to you it’s not worth it just hang up the phone don’t don’t uh you know oh thank you so much for calling i’ll see if i can get back to you type of thing if it’s a sales person or if they’re trying to spam me whatever just hang up because your time is valuable and they’ll get the message and you don’t need to entertain these people who are just wasting your time just answer the phone hello thank you for calling skypoint find out there’s a spammer click find out there’s a client let’s do this so try that out and i encourage you if you’re not answering all the phone calls that come in your business try that out and see if it makes a difference joe fellow skype studios thank you so much for watching