does updating plugins help with SEO search engine optimization I would like to say that it probably does now how much it helps is very very small amount but when you update a plugin basically what it’s doing is creating new code it’s adding new code to existing code so a little bit of addition to the website anytime that you add to a website google usually has to come back and check it out so now this is this is definitely into an a very very gray area some people are going to disagree some people may agree I tend to think that updating plugins probably overall helps your SEO because it is adding additional code to your website now definitely it’s all about making sure that your website runs smoothly it doesn’t break down it doesn’t get hacked so that’s the main reason to update plugins but if you think about it if you’re updating them regularly if you wait every six months to update your plugins not only are is it vulnerable your website may break it may get hacked but you’re not getting the maximum SEO benefit so if you’re updating your plugins regularly if you have a hosting plan with my company I update the plugins regularly every single month we’re updating the plugins for your website so that I think also helps with your SEO because it’s showing google that we have the latest code we’re updating the code we’re managing the website regularly regardless of whether you’re adding new content or not at least your plugins are adding new pieces of code uh here and there every single month so that’s Jophiel with SkyPoint Studios thank you so much for watching I really hope that you enjoy my videos definitely like share and comment down below