does your iphone ding not just on the first time that a text message comes in but it dings you again uh for that same message this can be super annoying most iphones are set to default this way when you first get them and so yours may do that so you might get a text message you may not open it right away and then you you know you walk away to go do something and then you hear another ding like another text message came in so you come back to check and see is that another text message turns out it’s the exact same text message again so that’s kind of annoying i mean some people may like that feature i i don’t necessarily like that i only just want to get one notification because usually i keep a pretty good eye on my phone uh and so this is how you turn that off go into your settings and go down to notifications and then scroll down to the ends for messages and inside of messages at the very very bottom is an option called customize notifications when you click on that you’ll see that it is set to go double and we just want to turn this to off to never it never is the top option and it will be set to double and there’s a whole bunch more if you want anything a lot more than that uh but i’m not really into that my whole thing is i can get it once and it’ll be there for me when i look at it when i need it i don’t need the phone trying to trick me into thinking i’ve got new messages when it’s the same old message so that’s just me that’s what works best for me so if you’re having issues with that uh definitely go change that in your settings area and i hope this has been helpful for you thanks so much for watching i will catch you on the next video