don’t talk about financial issues with anyone who is not necessary to the issue especially in business so what am I talking about when it comes to business it’s really important to use the old adage keep your cards close to your chest and that is very relevant when it comes to money issues uh financial worries things like that it’s best not to share these with people because it’s a strategy that you want to always give off the impression that your business is doing well and is making it there’s times when you do need to share financials and and with the right type of people maybe it’s the accountant it’s people in the business it’s the chief financial officer is going to share that information need to let everybody know there’s definitely times when it’s relevant and there’s times when it’s not needed so think about this if you’re just talking to a new person about your business and maybe they’re a sales person or there’s somebody who’s interested in purchasing your product it’s not really wise to share what type of strange you may have in business there’s always financial issues that come up and go go away they come in they go out that’s the nature of business it literally the whole point of business is to figure out how to get over these financial hurdles and become successful that’s the whole game so everybody’s gone through it everybody’s had bad months that’s just natural in business so keep your cars close to your chest think about the strategy of it and let’s exude a level of confidence when we’re talking to people about our business Jophiel with SkyPoint Studios hope you enjoyed this video I’ll see you on the next video