oh no my email isn’t getting delivered have you had this issue before where people say that your email goes into their spam folders well this can have a lot to do with your signature on your email so when signatures are very heavy with data they have a lot of links they have a lot of images that can flag the overall spam scanner to say that this maybe is an email that we should send to spam and we maybe we shouldn’t deliver so you should check your signature and see if there’s any way to reduce the amount of data being transferred and one of the ways the best ways to reduce the amount of data being transferred is to change the format of the image so if you have a logo in your website or your signature of your email you should change the format and the way to do that is to put it into a website and copy it so if you put the if you load the image into your website and then you copy it and paste it into your signature it now changes the way that it loads it’s no longer an image file it’s more of a code based uh it’s now referencing so because of this the amount of data transfer is much less the other thing you should look at is how many backlinks that you have how many links do you have in your signature if you have a lot of links you may want to reduce them down to just a few that you actually need this will allow your emails to be delivered much easier and get past the spam filters so there’s a couple other more technical things that can be done at the domain level to assign and make sure that google recognizes it and other email carriers recognize it as a valid email service and that can be done you need a little bit more technical help with that I certainly could help you with that if you need help Jophiel with skype studios so thank you so much for watching this video I really appreciate it and your viewership and I will see you on the next video