oh no my images are all bent out of shape there none of them are matching up how do we get images on the web on a website to line up properly it’s one of the challenges I had was speaking to a client with the other day and she was asking about all the logos that they have their sponsor logos from the companies that have sponsored them and the logos are all different shapes she was having a hard time getting them to all match up they didn’t want to go in a row some are bigger some are smaller and i was explaining to her the way to get images to match up online you want them all display in a nice clean neat row the way to do that is you have to choose a dimension typically the height of the image and you got to make all of the images the same height don’t worry about the width because they are going to have different widths you have to put them into a program like a photoshop or some type of image editor and you have to set the image the same so let’s say it’s 100 pixels so we’re going to set every single image to 100 pixels now the width is going to be some are going to be 80 some are going to be a hunt some are going to be you know 150 wide if it’s a more rectangle shape the the width will all vary that’s how we don’t distort it but the height has to be that hundred we always set it to 100 and we let the other shape or the other sides I should say the width set itself to whatever the natural orientation is so it’s not distorted now when we upload all those logos or all those images they all have 100 pixels as the height they’re all going to line up nice in a nice row that’s the secret to getting images to play nicely with each other and to format properly on a website so I hope that’s helpful definitely hit me up down below in the comments if you have any questions about having to get images to line up in a nice row and look pretty on a website this is Jophiel with SkyPoint studios thank you so much for watching