have you ever wanted to pull the transcripts from a YouTube video so that you can actually get the content out of the videos that you create or the videos that you have or maybe there’s a video out there that has really good information and you just want to be able to have it in text format so there’s a really cool website you can go to YouTube transcript dot and you just put the URL which is like the long link for the video from YouTube put that in there and hit search and enter and it will pull up the transcript in text for the video which is super helpful every single video that I’m creating I’m also making a post on my website where I pull the transcript and I embed the video and I put it on my website with all the text so that google can find it uh so that’s a great tool instead of having to type it up or just wasting these video formats that don’t actually have the text with them because on the web google can only search for text the videos it’s not going to pull up unless there’s a good description on the video it’s not going to pull the words that you’re saying so in this video alone I mean how many words have I said I don’t know maybe a couple hundred all that content is not available to the web unless you pull the transcript and you put it somewhere on the web so that’s a really handy tool and like I said you could use it for other purposes but I really like to use it to create blog posts for my videos that I’m creating so I don’t have to you know waste this content on just video alone I can create an additional blog post from it so hopefully that’s useful go to youtubetranscript.com if you like that tool and check that out Jophiel with SkyPoint Studios thank you so much for watching