how do you know if a domain has email set up on it already or not this is a quandary that I come across quite often in my position as a web developer and the CEO of SkyPoint studios a customer will come to us and they’ll be like oh I want to set up email on my domain but I don’t really know whether I have emails out there or someone’s done it we’ve inherited this business so this is the way that you check you can go to a site called so stands for domain name settings and in there there’s a search where you can put the domain so you’d copy and paste the domain into the search bar and it’s going to be defaulted to the a record we need to change the a record to the mx record so there’s a drop down and you can see there’s a bunch of different types of records there’s going to be one called mx mx stands for mail exchange that’s the one that’s related to the mail carrier that’s on it so once you change it to mx and you’ve got the domain in there you hit search that’s going to pull a record of all the mail exchange records so whatever is running on the domain now if it comes up as red x’s that means there’s no email account set up on that domain it has not been done yet however if it pulls up it might say outlook it may say google it may say Gmail there’s a myriad of different providers that could come up and if you don’t recognize what the actual record is you can copy that record put it into google and search that mx record and we’ll pull up and tell you who is the provider the mail provider so that’s a cool little tip to figure out you know what email is set up on a domain whether there’s one there or not and then where you need to go to go find out if you need to add more users or change it so this Jophiel with SkyPoint I hope that’s been a helpful tip and I will see you on the next video