large chunks of content should be slow dripped into a website for best SEO practices now what does that mean that means let’s say you have an article you wrote for some other place or you have a snippet of a book that you wrote it’s all your content is original but it’s a large piece of content let’s say it’s three thousand four thousand five thousand words or even more than that uh so it’s a massive piece of content for best SEO results now you can get the tasks done by just go ahead and get it done in one day just add it add a new page add a new post whatever put the content in call it a day all 5000 words or whatever it is but what would be more smart from an SEO standpoint would be to put in chunks at a time kind of like how you’re adding chapters of a book so you might put in chapter one which is like 500 words or a thousand words and then a couple days later and or the next day you’re going to add the next chapter another 500 000 words so we want to do this consistently and drip feed in content uh rather than add it all in one big chunk and this shows google that we’re regularly updating and adding to our website it’s a strategy where you can rather than having to create new content all the time which you should be doing but if you have a large chunk of content think about drip fading it in so that you’re not adding it all at once and you’re getting the maximum bang for your buck for that content uh google wants to see that you’re regularly updating your website and if you just go ahead and give them a little taste little taste little taste you’re going to see your rankings go way way way up so if you’ve got a book to add your website put in a little piece every single day or every week whatever you can manage and just notice how much it does for your website rankings this is joe fail with your SEO tip and I hope you enjoyed it definitely like share and comment below