hey guys it’s Jophiel with SkyPoint Studios and today I want to talk to you about how to get free from GoDaddy yes I said free from GoDaddy and why would you want to get free stuff well we all love free stuff trust me you’re probably paying GoDaddy for things right now that you might have issues with and let me tell you about how this works in the last month I’ve had three different times where WordPress hosting go decks WordPress hosting has gone down and guess what when you take note of an issue that’s happening what I want you to do is call in get a rep on the phone and explain to them how their hosting going down how their issues messing up has affected your business I want you to explain to that of the problem so that they can go and investigate and find out what’s going on and then once you’ve understood that you found out with this person on the phone that there actually is a problem that they’re having I want you to say this to them how can you help me out to fix and solve this problem ask them that question and trust me they’re so willing to do this because they know it’s part of their business so what will they do they’ll offer you a couple months of free web site hosting and who doesn’t love free things but you’ll never get it unless you ask that’s why it pays to keep track of all your products would whoever the hosting company is it because we GoDaddy it could be Bluehost especially go to any because they make a lot of mistakes so if you’re looking to get free stuff keep an eye on your account and call them when they make a mistake joke people with bad points to do stick around for more great tips