getting in on the ground floor of new social media platforms is a great way for you to establish yourself in a place where you can thrive and really get the most benefit when you arrive late to a social media platform most of the benefits already been exuded by the people who got there first so I highly encourage you to check out new social media platforms i have a t-shirt on today says bizfluence this fluency is a newer app related to social media for businesses specifically you can go to sign up for a free account and network there’s tons of businesses on there right now you can meet people there it’s a smaller platform right now but it’s building and it’s growing so if you establish your business presence on there and you post regularly there’s a good chance that you will get business or be meet people that can you can connect with and there’s chances and opportunities that you won’t receive on the big ones like LinkedIn Facebook Instagram those are all well established now you shouldn’t be there but to really make some good headway and make some good connections try the smaller platforms where you can really make a bigger splash with your messaging so I highly encourage that alignable is another one you can check out it’s a lineable alignable that’s another business one so make sure you have a presence on alignable and business loans and make sure that you’re posting regularly on that as soon as I get done with this video it’s going up on on biz fluids and alignable as well as other places so definitely check me out I would love to see you on bizfluence and network with your business so thank you so much for watching Jophiel with SkyPoint Studios