engaging on twitter can be a huge benefit to your business even though it doesn’t seem like it is what’s interesting about twitter is if you go say you’re a b2b business and you go on twitter with your business account and you follow a lot of other businesses in town so you might follow the local banks the local ice cream shop the local printer the local realtor so you’re gonna follow them on twitter people are creating content there regularly now there’s not a lot of activity so you’ll notice there’s not very many likes there’s not very many comments oftentimes posts don’t have anything on them and so it’s really a great opportunity for you to go through with your business account and like and comment on a lot of these twitter posts because you’re going to be the only one there so the owner of these twitter accounts when they log in the next day to add their new post they’re gonna see oh wow this business your business has liked their post has commented on their post and they’re engaging you’re engaging with them so it’s basically free advertising all it takes is a little bit of time for you to log into your twitter account and like and comment on their posts now a lot of people say oh why is twitter’s a waste of time well that’s exactly why it’s kind of a wasteland for businesses and why it’s a good idea for small businesses in certain towns for you to go on twitter and to like and to share because you will stand out it’s the platform where you can make some of the most impact if you do give people some a little bit of love on their posts so this is Jophiel with SkyPoint Studios hope you enjoyed this video I will see you on the next one