hey there this is Jophiel with SkyPoint Studios and today I want to talk about why you can’t find your GoDaddy powered website online or your wix website or your squarespace website why are you not able to find these websites it just doesn’t make any sense right and i always tell people i always challenge them try to go find a squarespace or a GoDaddy website uh that is ranked number one in any category online because I’ve never seen one before so that challenge still exists so go out there and see if you can find it see if you can find a website that’s built on wix or squarespace or GoDaddy website builder and is number one in its category for anything because it doesn’t exist and the reason why is all of those websites are served through a central database that’s how they offer those drag and drop easy functionality is that all of the websites are considered one website to google so every single wix website and every single squarespace website are all part of one big giant website and they’re not able to index properly and be able to be found that’s why you can’t find your business online when you use those websites so what is the point of those websites well there is no point they’re wasting and taking your money it’s literally just a landing page that has no power online so people are gonna have to know your actual domain name in order to find your business they’re not gonna be able to find you through google search so that’s why you want a WordPress you want an independent website that has a database that can actually be indexed by google it’s super super important for search engine optimization for being found online and for actually succeeding with your business so people can find you and call you so Jophiel with Skypoint Studios if you want a WordPress website definitely comment down below I would love to help you out thank you so much for watching