oh no my website crashed well have you ever heard this before the reason websites crash is because oftentimes especially with wordpress they have not been updated to the recent software and so how often should you be updating the software the plugins on your website and your WordPress website well here at SkyPoint Studios we update them every two weeks so every two weeks I’m inside of every single website we manage and I’m checking on things I’m updating the plugins I’m making sure nothing’s broken and if something’s broken I’m rolling it back and I’m fixing it so you need to be doing the same thing for your website if you can do it every two weeks that’s fantastic I know a lot of us don’t have the time to do that but minimum you should be doing it every month or every other month at the very very minimum if you’re letting months and months and even years go by without updating your website you’re really leaving the back door open for some really bad things to happen and what happens is is not only can your website just erode and corrode and corrupt and break down but the worst thing is that hackers can get in and they can start to embed tons of really nasty links and you sometimes they’re cloaked and you can’t even see them but you’ll have indexing on the google for your website with all kinds of stuff that you don’t want so make sure this doesn’t happen by updating your plugins and updating your software regularly and if you need help contact me I can definitely check on your website make sure it’s updated regularly we offer plans to do so and then it’s peace of mind you can sleep well at night you don’t have to worry about it so this is Jophiel with SkyPoint Studios thank you so much for watching this video