ghost folders are driving me crazy what are ghost folders in cpanel when you delete a folder sometimes it comes back again and again meaning that the next day you log in that folder is back again so why does this happen why does this keep happening why are the folders continuing to come back even though they’ve been deleted well there’s a two-step process to removing a folder in cpanel obviously deleting is one of the steps but if you forgot the first step you’re going to continue to see the folder come back and won’t have anything in it it’s just going to be a blank folder a ghost folder what we need to do is remove the domain from the cpanel so in the main cpanel settings area is an option under domains called add-on domains go into add-on domains and find the domain related to that folder and remove that domain now you can go back to the file manager and delete the folder that’s related to that domain now once the two steps are completed you don’t have to worry about ghost goals folders ghost folders anymore so hopefully that’s helpful if you run a cpanel if you manage the cpanel on occasion obviously if you’re an expert in cpanel you probably already know this but for people who run it on occasion this may be helpful I know I had to kind of figure that out sometimes because it would bug me so joe failed with sky point studios i hope you enjoyed this video uh if you like it definitely share it comment down below tell me about your strategies with running a cpanel or your challenges and I’d love to help you and thank you so much for watching I’ll see you in the next video