hey there this is Jophiel with SkyPoint studios and today i want to talk about the recent updates WordPress has just recently updated to version six which is a huge milestone every time that they go from a version a large version so from four to five or five to six that means a huge jump forward with technology and layout and platform uh and a lot of things end up breaking so recently I had a site that’s been around for quite a while that had a theme inconsistency with WordPress six and it broke the site so it’s just showing just the theme kind of landing page and so how do we fix this how do we make sure that going forward we’re not going to have the same type of issues so the first thing i did was restore the website back to a prior version where before it had been updated to version six and the site came all the way back up and what I’m going to do is basically uh download the version that we have that’s available in five that’s actually working and have that copy of the site files in the database in a zipped up file so I can have that locally so that if the backups go to a point where that’s been updated and now the site’s broken again and we no longer have those backups in place i can actually restore it from that local file so that’s something you really want to do not only do you want to have backups in place over the last 10 or 30 days that’s super important but on occasion when you have a site that’s showing signs of breaking or issues you want to make sure you download a local copy so that you can always have that just in case those backups don’t catch it so this is joking with sky point studios hope this tip has been helpful for you comment down below if you have updated to version six and if you have had any issues i definitely would love to help you out thank you so much for watching