did you know that google local pages have lots of scam messages that come in uh unfortunately what happens with the google local page google local is your map listing online for your business so when people search for businesses near me it will pull up on the map and people can click directions or phone because they can call you and there’s a messaging feature on google local which often times has these scammers who are trying to get you to accept credit cards that have been stolen and then you’re the one who’s basically out if you accept them so heads up it happens in the web design industry a lot I’m not sure what other industries that happens in but it definitely could be happening to you as far as like an order someone tries to place an order and they usually are asking do you accept credit cards they want to spend a certain amount and they want to send it to a project manager so the way the scam works is they say okay I want to spend three thousand dollars on this project but fifteen hundred dollars of it needs to go to the project manager so you process the three thousand dollars through your business and then you send the fifteen hundred dollars to the project manager that’s basically the the project manager is the scammer so they get the fifteen hundred dollars you get a charge back for the three thousand because it was unauthorized a stolen credit card and basically your business is out and it doesn’t look good for your business because you’re running these stolen credit cards and then the scammer gets away with the 50 of it so just a heads up those are the scams out there um you can definitely just deny them I don’t recommend not responding because it lowers your score overall I like to just respond with keywords so you just put in the keywords and just keep responding over and over and over again to them until they stop so that’s that’s one way that you can do it but just ignoring them can lower your overall score for your page so just a heads up there are a lot of scams that come through google local not sure why google allows that but that’s just the way it is so hopefully this is helpful for you if you have any questions about this definitely hit me up in the comments or you can hit me at j at skypnt.com I’d love to help you out Jophiel with SkyPoint Studios