hey everyone this is Jophiel with SkyPoint Studios and today I want to talk to you about how you should be approaching creating content online specifically on social media just like what I’m doing right now what you should be looking to do is educating people you should be providing value you should be helping people out giving them a little bit of taste about your knowledge and what you’re up to and what you can do for them everything should be about how we can provide value first and then when we provide enough value then we can finally ask for the sale and Gary Vaynerchuk who you may have heard of has a very popular saying he wrote a book about it it’s called jab jab right hook and basically a jab and a jab and a jab a jab is basically providing value okay I can help you with a and then I can show you how to do b and then if you do c this will really help you out and then finally you come in for the right hook which is purchase my product purchase my you know my service I have a special offer here I have a limited time thing you can do here so it’s it’s all about providing value first it’s really important I see a lot of people on particular platforms just trying to sell just try buy from me just buy this but it’s that just turns people off that’s not the right way to build your business and it’s so much better if you provide value first just help people at the universe will take care of you if you just help people so this is joe failed with sky point studios and I will see you soon