what are some free alternatives to the most popular software that’s out there so popular software is like microsoft office uh sure you can buy it’s not that expensive but let’s just say that you didn’t want to buy microsoft office you want to use an alternative well open office is a free program it’s totally open source it runs just as good it has all of the different programs it has the office it has the xl it has the powerpoint those are all included and they’re interchangeable so you can open a powerpoint inside of openoffice’s powerpoint and then you can save it back as an actual microsoft powerpoint so it’s really really cool because you can exchange any of the documents back and forth but you don’t have to pay microsoft’s fee that’s a free product you can go to filehippo.com so f-i-l-e-h-i-p-p-o.com and you can download that just put in openoffice and download that program for free if you want to use that as an alternative the other one that’s really cool is an alternative to photoshop called paint.net so p-a-i-n-t dot m-e-t dot net uh you can download that as well from file hippo it’s a free program works very similar to photoshop it has a lot less features than photoshop but yeah if you need to do image manipulation if you want to create just basic logos you want to just do some basic things in there you don’t need the full blown adobe product paint.net is a good alternative so those are a couple software products that are open source free you’ll never have to pay for them and they run they’re solid just be careful when you’re downloading from file hippo and make sure you click the right download and don’t don’t install any other nonsense that they want to install just install that core program so this is joffrey with skype point studios i hope you hope that helps you out with your journey and thank you so much for watching