here’s a cool little hack for opening links oftentimes when you open a link it’ll go directly to the link and you lose the page that you’re currently on so one of the cool commands on a PC that you can use is hold down the control button before you click the link this will open the link in a brand new browser tab which allows you to keep the page that you’re on this can be super helpful sometimes when you’re browsing you don’t want to lose the page that you’re currently on but you want to open a link so that’s a cool handy way to do that oftentimes I use this when I’m working on websites because I want to keep the current page I’m on but I need to load that link in a new browser tab so I can look at the page or see the changes that are done and I don’t necessarily want to go and load the whole page click on the link load the whole page then have to click back to load it back that takes time so especially when you’re looking at things like web design which every little bit of time if you can save time with shortcuts it’s gonna overall for your whole day make you more productive so I really like that you hold down the control button before you click the link and it will launch it in a new tab so so hopefully that’s helpful for you Share down below if you have any questions about shortcuts or anything like that or little tasks that I do for web design that makes the processes easier and quicker on the computer because I’m all about that so thank you so much for watching this is Jophiel with SkyPoint Studios