if you have a google local page you will most likely have reviews on your google local page and as an owner of a google local page which is basically the map listings when people look for your business online it’s your responsibility to respond to those reviews whether they’re positive reviews or negative reviews you should be responding to them and in this video I’m going to share with you a little bit of a strategy on how to improve your google map listings the SEO of your google map listings by responding with a couple keywords in the response so for me I own a web design company called SkyPoint Studios when someone goes on there and goes wow I had such a great experience thank you so much Sophia for helping me solve all the problems I really enjoyed it it was a great it was a pleasure to work together we have a lot of great reviews like that we actually have 89 five-star reviews so I’ll go on and I’ll respond and say it was a pleasure working on your website and i hope that you come back with any other web design needs so you can see I put in the keyword website and web design both in my response so that may not be the same response I do every single time obviously I’m going to match switch it up and put in some other keywords and things like that but i want you to think about adding keywords into your response because that’s the way that these things work for SEO so when you can stick in the keyword of what you’re trying to achieve for your google local listing that actually helps so every time you respond to review think about sticking at least one or maybe two keywords into the response and that will help pull up your map listing when people are looking for your business online so this is Jophiel with SkyPoint Studios I hope that tip has been helpful and you enjoy it if you do enjoy it follow the rest of my videos like share comment down below I really appreciate that and I really appreciate you for watching my videos thank you so much