hey there this is Jophiel with SkyPoint Studios and today I want to talk to you about what are hex colors h-e-x so hex colors are very popular in design it stands for hexadecimal and basically it is a number coding system that allows you to create any color possible starts from zero goes all the way to 255 and different variations and i want to just let you know what the most popular hex codes are as a designer like myself you should just know these by heart and basically that is what is black black is zero zero zero zero zero zero white is fff fff so basically it’s all f’s or all zeros and those are the either ends of the scale of the hex so you know if you have black it’s zero it has no color in it if it’s f it’s all the colors combined together because that’s the end of that scale that has letters and numbers in it and basically you can build any color using the hex and if you want to find a color like you want to find the color of this orange on my shirt you can basically import that into any type of photoshop type of program use the color dropper to select it and go into the color wheel and usually in the settings of the color wheel will be the hex number the hex code you can look at it it’ll be like zero one a such and such it’s gonna be a bunch of letters and numbers string together you can copy this and you can paste it into any type of design program and then you can match the color exactly so that’s how designers do it that’s how they find out what the color of a logo is to be able to match it exactly for all the branding so hex codes are really really cool you can go on there’s lots of different hex if you just put hex charts in google you can find there’s a lot of cool tools for helping you pick out different color schemes based on hex colors so this is joe joey with sky point studios hope you found that interesting and tune in for more tips just like this one