how many different places do my videos go well this video that you’re watching right here will be first uploaded to biz fluence uh so b-i-z-f-l-u-e-n-c-e-a-p-p dot com I upload it there I put a little description about what i’m talking about this will be about the description will be like here’s all the places I put my videos maybe you want to do the same and then next I will take that same copy and i’ll take this video and i’ll add it to Instagram so that’ll go in as a reel or a post I kind of switch it up between the two and then next i’ll upload it to LinkedIn same copy put that video in and then finally I upload directly into YouTube and I put in the title and then I put in the description so i’ll break up my chunk of text i’ll my leader will be the title and then my description will be below with the remaining text that I have left and that’s the that final upload comes in through my phone and then when it’s uploaded to YouTube I then go and take that YouTube video and I go to alignable so alignables a-l-i-n-g-n-a-b-l-e dot com if you’re not on there go set up a profile it’s a business networking site I put in the YouTube URL the string of URL for the YouTube video and I put in the same text and then I post that and then the very final stop the last website that I share too is twitter so i’ll go to my twitter account and i’ll share the same YouTube link with the description as well and then i’ll post that so that’s a total of six six websites that this video will go to uh that’s mass distribution it’s best for SEO google wants to see that you’re active on multiple different platforms you’re regularly posting I post every single day of the week so follow me on those different platforms and make sure that you’re creating content like this and uploading to as many platforms as you can so Jophiel with Skypoint Studios thank you so much for watching