how much time does it take for a brand new website to rank on Google well there’s a lot of variables that go into this but the main idea is that it takes some time for there to be a cruence of value in a brand new domain that’s been hooked to a brand new website so it does take at least a month two months three months sometimes to be able to rank sometimes it can take all the way up to six months or 12 months in some certain cases now what’s going to accelerate this is how often new content is added to the website so if you’re adding content let’s say you’re adding it every single week or even daily the chances of you ranking go way up significantly now if you just build a new website and you put everything on the website and you don’t touch it for six months and it’s in a very competitive market there’s possibility that it doesn’t rank at all so it really has a lot to do with how competitive the market is how powerful and clean your content is how often you’re updating the content and then how many backlinks your website has so if you have zero backlinks you your chances of ranking quickly are going to be a lot a lot harder if you have backlinks from local businesses that are pointing to you then or and your social media pages and your different places that you place your business online the chances of ranking go up a lot so you have to do all these things you have to put in a lot of work and effort if you want Google to recognize you and to place you online where you will get customers to find your business so make sure you’re doing all these things or you have a qualified web developer like myself you can certainly hire me to be able to update your website do the SEO make sure the backlinks are in place that’s super important for you to be successful online these days so this is Jophiel with SkyPoint Studios definitely call me 406-208-8733 or email me at if you need help with ranking your business online thank you so much for watching