how often should I be posting on social media that is a great question we all wonder how much time do I need to dedicate to this new social media and to putting my business online and interacting with other businesses and my recommendation is every single day if you can do it every single day you’re way ahead of the pack people forget very quickly if you’re not active so take that time just put it in your scheduler that you’re going during this particular time like your lull time all of us in business have particular times throughout the day which are slower than other times right that’s just part of business typically so in that little time make sure you’re scheduling time to put together social media content to post to interact interacting is so important because it’s not about what we just push it’s about how we interact and talk with other business owners and other business leaders so commenting on their posts liking commenting sharing interacting having conversations trying to you know be um complimentary trying to be clever trying to make people laugh if you can so there’s ways that you can show your personality if that’s who you are and it’s basically like a networking event if you think about it the more successful you are at a networking event the more conversations relationships laughs you’ve had the better you’re going to be in the long run as far as making connections and connections create business so it’s the same with social media dedicate some time to it and really put the effort in I’m sure I guarantee you you will see the results in the long run so joey with skype one studios thank you so much for watching