hey there this is Jophiel with SkyPoint Studios and today I want to talk to you about how do you know if you have a good hosting company for your website well there’s a couple different ways to check it out if you have shared hosting that means that you’re sharing the server with a lot of other businesses websites and that’s the cheapest hosting it’s most affordable but it’s also the slowest and the least valuable in terms of SEO it also comes with the highest risk of getting infected because if one of the other websites that’s a WordPress gets infected on that server there’s a chance that you will get infected as well so how do we tell if we have good hosting or not when you log into your website the amount of time that it takes for everything to load for you to get into the site is a factor that you should be checking and keeping track of also when you go to update the plug-ins if it you update one plug-in or you try to update like four or five plugins and it takes a really long time sometimes it’ll even time out like what I’ve seen with some GoDaddy hosting that’s a good indication that it’s not not good hosting that’s the bad stuff you don’t want there to be any delay or any time it takes for you to get into your website and for you to update your plugins if you’re delayed if you’re slowed down if it’s taking forever you want to go take a nap while you’re waiting for it to load that’s an indication you have bad hosting it’s not good and if you have bad hosting it’s hurting your business it’s not good for SEO it’s not good for other customers who are on your website they’re trying to load things so if you’re looking for a good hosting solution you can come to my company we only have our own servers we don’t do shared hosting or anything like that we have our own server so you can call me 406 208 8733 you can find me online put in web design billings we’re the number one company so joe field with skype studios thank you for watching