how long have i been building websites i’ve been building websites since 2007 i have 15 years experience working on the web and building for the web and i absolutely love it ever since 2007 i got that itch i was in business since 2005 and i was doing the marketing for the company and through the marketing we had hired a web developer and a marketing agent and through that person teaching me and showing me what i needed to do i realized that i had a spark and a desire to do this it was very fun for me i got a really great fulfillment out of creating marketing and creating websites and creating web design and so i took on my first client that year and i’ve been building websites for clients ever since it’s extreme passion of mine i know that i’m doing what i’m meant to come here to this planet to do and when you find that when you find that thing that you know that you’re meant to do you really really start to excel in it you love your job you get up every morning excited and focused you know you have a goal and a mission to accomplish and i’m not going anywhere i plan on doing this for the rest of my life so when you find that you’re fulfilled you’re content you’re no longer looking i hope all of my viewers who are watching us right now can find that for themselves and hopefully you’re already in that so if you are congratulations if you’re looking it’s out there for you and web design was for me i love it i do it every day every single time a customer comes back to me with a five-star review glowing review and says i’m so glad that i found joe phil i go wow i’m so glad that i am doing what i’m doing and thank you so much for watching i love making content as well i hope you enjoy my videos stick around for more definitely comment below if you found the thing that you know you’re supposed to do on this planet tell me what it is i would love to explore that more with you jophiel with skype studios thank you for watching