hey there this is Jophiel with SkyPoint Studios and today I want to talk about some of the ways that companies in the web design space do unethical things like keeping a customer’s website hostage not allowing them to move it to another company when they want to leave and let’s face it in business people move around it’s it’s always like you know when you buy a house or you rent a house you’re not going to live or stay there for the rest of your life typically some people will but that’s the same thing with websites websites are like digital real estate and so people are going to move from place to place and you want to go with the company who’s going to make that move as smooth as possible so what’s really frustrating and annoying and a loss for companies is they find out well they’ve been with this company for two years they want to move on to a different company because whatever reason rates or service or whatever you know what i mean they’re maybe they’re moving to a new area and they find out that this company claims they have a proprietary website design software that they can’t transfer to anyone else now this is absolute nonsense let me just explain this to you sure they made a proprietary system but that’s not the goal of it the goal of proprietariness is just so that they can hold you hostage so you have to keep paying them and you can’t switch to another company that’s the only reason they do it it’s pure greed it’s pure corporate rating it’s a negative in my opinion it’s very unethical and it doesn’t benefit anyone like does do you think your website works better because it’s proprietary software no if you go with WordPress you can go to anyone in the world and have them work on your website you can move it anywhere you can just control it and manage it yourself you can move to a new company you can do all kinds of things with it when it’s WordPress so go with the company my company SkyPoint studios always encourages customers to manage their own website own their own website move it do anything they want with it it’s their property they paid for it I’m just here to assist you and help you and if you find a company that holds you hostage and will not let you take your website with you definitely do not sign a contract with that company so Jophiel with SkyPoint Studios hope you enjoyed this video and thank you for watching