hi guys I’m Jophiel Silvestrone I am the owner of Sky Point studios I’m really excited to introduce myself today and get to know you guys a little bit better I started working on computers when I was just a little wee lad 12 years old I got to work on my family’s computer take it all apart and fix it all back together and I thought wow computers are just amazing and I knew always going to work in Pierce at that point in time specifically remember one memory riding my bike and thinking these things are gonna be part of my life one day I’m going to be doing a lot with them it’s going to be important to me and all the way all that time later I am today working in a company called Sky Point studios which is my company it’s a web design company in a software application development company so I’m helping people with their businesses to increase their business through computers and that’s really my passion is what I love to do and it’s why Scott Cohen Studios has been successful because I have such a passion for it and because I love my customers I love helping them and love building their businesses so my name is Jophiel Silvestrone with SkyPoint Studios and we are your solution for web design and we’re also your best partners in business