hey guys this is Jophiel with SkyPoint Studios and today I want to talk about what is an SSL certificate SSL we always have these funny terms in technology don’t we ssl stands for secure socket layer and basically it is the green lock on a website is the the up in the upper part of a website if you’ve gone to a website you can see that there’s a lock on there and then if you go to ones that don’t have ssls you can see there’s no lock and sometimes there’s a warning message saying that this website is not safe to use and you have to click the little proceed anyways option and why is google doing that why are they providing that because the data transfer on those website is not secured it has not been encrypted that means if you put in your personal information your address your phone number your credit card information your social security number if you put those in on a website like that there is a chance that someone is taking that data in the middle there’s a middle man that’s taking out the data and using it to do identity fraud to do credit card fraud all the different things that can happen on the dark web so it’s really important that your website has an ssl certificate so that your customers feel safe using it and entering their details and not only that but google has started to penalize websites that don’t have ssl certificates and not show them up as high in the search results so it has become a ranking factor in SEO to make sure you have an ssl certificate and if you don’t have one please get a hold of me I’m at SkyPoint studios your local web design agency 406-208-8733 or online you can just search web design billings we are the number one agency both on the google maps and in the organic and I’ll help you get that SSL set up so you can move forward with security you can make sure that you’re protected they do come with an insurance plan in case anything does happen to protect your customers data so this is Jophiel Silvestrone with SkyPoint studios and I will see you soon