hey there this is Jophiel with SkyPoint Studios I just got finished with the bizfluence networking group it’s an incredible group of individuals on the bizfluence app platform if you haven’t had a chance to check it out go to biswansapp.com and register sign up for your business it’s a really cool social media networking site that’s just like a networking event so like if you go to a bni or business networking and you meet people there and you get the chance to share your business and network and and form these bonds that really help build your business this site is a free platform that you can join and every second Tuesday of the month they have a networking group through zoom where you can meet business owners all over the world and I just got finished with it today it was an incredible meeting and I want you to go check it out it’s great for your business so it’s bizfluenceapp.com it’s similar to a LinkedIn but it’s a lot more free speech like they’re not going to censor you for what you’re saying so this is incredible in this day and age and I highly encourage you if you’re looking for a smaller community where you actually can get an engagement and actually talk to people and actually get your posts seen a lot more I highly encourage checking out this fluence this is Jophiel with SkyPoint Studios I hope you have a great day