hey there this is Jophiel with SkyPoint Studios and today I want to talk to you about whether you should be running google ads or Facebook ads and what’s the difference between those two they’re definitely different they have different purposes and different functionalities and different results so when it comes to advertising when you go with Facebook you’re specifically putting yourself in a timeline where people are just scrolling their social media feeds so you really have to be cognizant of that they’re just hanging out on Facebook and typically what you’re doing with Facebook is you’re you’re building your brand so no matter what you run no matter what you do you’re always building your brand on Facebook so you may not get as much results but the campaigns that work the best are ones that are topical and related to an event so if you have an event coming up or a specific sale Facebook ads can work really really well like if you have a location where you’re doing an event and there’s tickets that you want to sell Facebook can work really really well for that for just getting a video or getting an ad in front of someone like you do need to make really good content now on the flip side of that with google ads google ads are specifically related to people that are looking for a product or service in that exact moment they need it now I need a mechanic I need a landscaper I need a plumber I need a roofer I need these things now okay so I’m gonna go to google and I’m gonna type in landscaper near me or roofer near me and the google ads gonna pop up and because a lot of people are pretty lazy they don’t feel like scrolling down they’re just gonna click the very first top result call it or fill out the form there that’s why google ads are so powerful and they work so well so you have a better chance of actually converting sales from google ads than you do with Facebook ads depending on the focus point of what you’re trying to achieve so they both work really well they’re like two different tools it’s like a hammer and a screwdriver it’s hard to compare because they both do different things and they they will one will succeed in one way and the other will succeed in another way so share below your results and what’s worked well for your business as far as advertising online I’d love to hear your thoughts and your processes Jophiel with SkyPoint Studios thank you so much for watching