dedication to leadership is important for all business owners in my opinion so what I mean by that is that I feel like it’s important to become a leader in an organization either a non-profit or a networking organization so that you can help to give back and help to guide and to show your leadership and be involved in the way that an organization is run and managed so for example right now I’m part of the BNI networking group I am the vice president of that group I love my role I’ve served as all the roles in BNI I’ve done the secretary I’ve done the vice president I’ve done the president in the past and now I’m the vice president again so I’ve done it multiple times and for me it’s so fulfilling because I’m part of the chapter’s growth I’m part of the leadership plan I’m part of the strategy I’m working in a team with others to help build our organization and if you as an entrepreneur haven’t had the chance to be a part of a nonprofit or part of a networking group where you’re in leadership I highly encourage you to do so because it’s sometimes we’re in such a bubble as an entrepreneur we’re so isolated in our business that we often don’t usually have the time or the chance to work in a team where we have a commonality a common goal and so I feel like that just grows us as a person so much when we have a chance to be a leader and to guide that way and we can bring those that skills and that knowledge and what we’ve learned from that experience back into our business so i highly encourage you to do so definitely join a networking group if you’re not in one right now I say it puts your business on rails join a non-profit get on the board join the leadership team and just see what kind of growth you can achieve from that Jophiel with SkyPoint Studios thank you so much for watching