hey there this is Jophiel with SkyPoint Studios and today I want to talk to you about lighting in videos so creating videos is something that I’m passionate about I’ve been making a video every single day throughout this year and it’s definitely been a goal of mine but the importance of lighting is crucial so you there’s a couple different ways you can light your videos you can use ring lights which a lot of people like to use ring lights to light up their video and those work pretty good for me i wear glasses so I don’t really like the little red circle that shows up in the glasses so I use a box light and you can actually see the box light just shining right there on my glasses actually so that’s illuminating my face I’ve also turned on all the lights in my office as well so I have all the lights on plus a box light and that illuminates my face from all angles so there’s no shadows so one of the things that makes a video look really really bad is when there’s poor lighting um for for whatever reason it has it creates a effect where people don’t listen to your words as well they don’t want to pay attention it’s just not as visually appealing so I highly recommend getting a box light you can find them on amazon for very very cheap if you put in box light photography or photography box light in amazon you can find it for around 45 bucks to 50 bucks for us for a single or you can get a double I just have a single that I’m using but you can get doubles if you want it takes up quite a bit of space because they’re a stand big box light doubles for like 85 bucks or 80 bucks somewhere in that range on amazon so I highly recommend it you’re gonna make videos definitely get yourself a box light or a ring light whatever type of light you can but get as much lighting as you possibly can to make your videos better Jophiel with skype studios thank you so much for watching I’ll see you soon