oh no my whole website could be gone how do we avoid complete catastrophes with websites well obviously we want to have backups in place but with hosting the backups only go anywhere from between 10 days in the past to 30 days in the past and if there has been a corruption and an error that’s occurred longer than this time period then you have lost your website and that’s really terrible so what you want to do is take a hard copy download every once in a while so every six months every three to six months I recommend taking a hard copy and sending it somewhere on your desktop or in a cloud storage so that you have it available also if you notice that there’s issues happening like there’s a failure occurring and you have to restore you want to take a hard copy download all the site files in the database into a zip folder so you have those available in case everything goes wrong you can always restore it back to where it was at before don’t just rely on the hosting company it’s good to have those backups in place but definitely have a actual hard copy somewhere of your full website because that can save you in case of an emergency this is joe pill with SkyPoint Studios I hope you enjoyed this tip and stick around for more tips just like this one thank you for watching