hey there this is Jophiel with SkyPoint Studios and today I want to talk to you about updating your WordPress theme so we all know that WordPress needs lots of updates but should you update your WordPress theme well it’s highly risky and typically i wouldn’t worry about it too much what happens when you update your WordPress theme is oftentimes it will break all of the formatting and all the design that was done because it replaces a lot of that with the default theme branding so you may end up wasting and wiping out a bunch of the custom branding that’s been done on your website and oftentimes those updates are not really that necessary if you do want to do a WordPress theme update the best way to do it is to uninstall and delete the current WordPress theme switch back to like just the default like 2022 default WordPress theme and then reinstall the brand new theme that you’ve downloaded from themeforest or wherever you got your theme from get that brand new fresh version that has the update already in it then reinstall that and reactivate it that basically will do the exact same thing without breaking things so I highly encourage you to do that obviously we need to update the core and we need to update all the plugins do those regularly that’s not a problem but when it comes to updating the WordPress theme I really want to warn you and provide you with some caution that it may cause you a really big mess and you definitely want to have backups in place in case everything goes wrong and you need to roll the website back which that happens sometimes so this is Jophiel with SkyPoint Studios I hope you enjoyed this tip i hope it helps you out and follow along for more tips just like this one I will see you soon