hey there this is Jophiel with SkyPoint Studios and today I want to talk to you about how do you nail a big interview like a job interview or an interview with a client something that you really want to have a positive effect you really want to nail this and and get the business or get the job or you know whatever it is it’s it’s a high-pressure situation where you’re about to meet someone how do we nail that so for me it’s all about confidence and confidence comes from not worrying about what the negative things that could happen whether the downsides are happening and for me that works you work your way backwards for me it’s a little technique so if you think about you’re going into this job interview what’s the worst that can happen so they could say no they could tell you that they’re not interested and you wasted your time right or it’s you’re going in to pitch for a new client so you you put in the proposal they tell you okay we’re going to take it to a couple different people they come back to you and say no we decide to go with someone else so that’s the worst thing that can happen typically right or I guess you know you embarrass yourself or whatever but you know ultimately uh those are kind of the worst things but people will always get over it so it’s never gonna like kill you or hurt you for the long run so take that say if I can live with the worst thing that’s happening if they just reject me or whatever that’s cool that gives you the confidence to go in and say I’m okay with whatever happens in this situation you no longer are stressing about trying to get it perfect or trying to get it right you’re comfortable you’re in your power which means just being yourself so being yourself comes from accepting all the variables that can happen we’re no longer having fear about what the worst case scenario is we’ve already thought about it we’ve accepted it we’ve moved on and now we’re ready to triumph and move forward so they’re either going to love you or they’re going to pass and we’re okay with either scenario that’s the power right there so go into your next meeting go into your next interview go see your next client and absolutely rock that meeting Jophiel with SkyPoint Studios thank you so much for watching