hey there this is Jophiel with SkyPoint Studios and today I want to talk specifically to photographers i had a recent uh customer call in and they were wanting to do some SEO on their website they had a website being built currently by a different web developer who was building it on the show it platform so it’s s-h-o-w-i-t show it platform and I was unable to help her with her SEO specifically because that platform doesn’t work well with SEO basically all of the websites that are on that platform are considered one website they’re looked at as one big ball in the database that’s how they offer those neat drag and drop functionalities and all that cool stuff they offer unfortunately they don’t do well in search so what I did with her on the phone is I went in and I google searched the town that she lives in which is billings Montana and photographers I put photographers Billings Montana in the google search and I looked at the first top four websites that were listed there was only four that were listed on the top front page and on all four of those every single one of them all four from the first one to the second to the third to the fourth were all WordPress websites and I said explain to her look you’re not gonna be able to you can have a pretty looking website with show it but it will never perform it’ll never be out the top page so if you want SEO done you need to have WordPress and it was a little bit hard conversation to have with her but that’s just the truth of the matter i could have just took her money and said yeah I’ll do SEO for you and it would never work for her so she is going back to the team that’s building her website to see if they can switch it from show it to WordPress so that’s a little advice if you’re a photographer out there make sure you’re working on a WordPress website and not a wix not a show it not a squarespace none of those websites are going to work in SEO they’re not going to show up on google, Jophiel with SkyPoint Studios if you want more tips like this follow along so like subscribe share all those types of great things we’ll see